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Trainee Name:Samuel. J

Trainee ID: PML/9886/025

Year: 2021


Friday 23/7/21(2 Hours). [COMPLETED]
1. Write in no more than 50 words what is/are your expectations for the entire program.
2. What is your understanding on the difference between Outdoor Advertising and Online Advertising with examples (not  more than 150 words.

Monday 26/7/21(2 Hours). [COMPLETED]
We would be looking closely into the Various Types of Outdoor Advertising Formats.
List/ talk about the various types of Billboard formats/ types and their sizes you are aware of.

Tuesday 27/7/21(2 Hours) [COMPLETED].
We would be looking closely into the other types of Outdoor Advertising Formats (Bus Advertising).
1. List/ talk about the various types of Bus Advertising formats/ types and their sizes you are aware of.

day 28/7/21(4 Hours) [COMPLETED].
1. Input past completed Tasks into your portal
2. List/ talk about the various types of Train Station Advertising formats/ types and their sizes you are aware of.
3. List/ talk about the various types of Bus Stands Advertising formats/ types and their sizes you are aware of.
4. List/ talk about the various types of  Taxi Advertising formats/ types and their sizes you are aware of.

Thursday 29/7/21 (4 hours) [COMPLETED].
We would be looking briefly into Campaign Planning and round up on all outdoor advertising
1. List/ talk about the various types of Airport  & Cinema Advertising formats/ types and their sizes you are aware of.

Monday 2/8/21(3 Hours) [COMPLETED].
We will be looking closely as the meaning of Campaign Planning and Campaign Buying
1. List the various Media Owners you are aware of in the UK.
2. What is your understanding of the difference between Campaign Buying/ Campaign Planning
3. Who can provide Campaign Planning or Campaign Buying on behalf of clients?

Tuesday 3/8/21(7 Hours) [COMPLETED].
(Scenario Based) We would be working closely at a client who owns a new start-up company (Company Z) that specialises in the selling baby clothing and baby toys. The client:
have no idea how and where to start as regards their marketing
how to create awareness about their brand and the services they are offering. 

They have contacted us for help. If this was to be a client of yours, how would you approach this?
1. What information/ details would you require from Client Z to help you come up with a Campaign Plan (e.g Campaign start date, duration of campaign, budget etc)?
2. Come up with a campaign plan (any type of plan) on how you would probably help Company Z based on the information you have been provided.

Wednesday 4/8/21(7 Hours) [COMPLETED].
We would be discussing your campaign plan for Company Z.
1. What would you do differently in your current Campaign Plan based on our conversation?

Thursday 5/8/21(7 Hours) [COMPLETED].
Meeting preparation with client (Company Z)
1. How would you prepare for this meeting to present your campaign plan (proposal) to the client.
2. What would you ensure you discuss in this meeting with Client Z (Art works, Campaign Formats, Location of campaigns, Niche Markets etc)?
3. What sort of information/ documents would be shared with client Z in this meeting?

Friday 6/8/21(7 Hours) [COMPLETED].
Campaign Buying
1. Discuss how you would go about buying the discussed campaign spaces on behalf of Company Z.

Monday 9/8/21(5 Hours) [COMPLETED].
A. Discuss the Campaign Buying task
B. A re-cap on all advertising format, and Campaign Planning/Buying we have looked at over the past few weeks.

Summarize all that have been discussed as regards:
1. All advertising formats + The minimum duration for each format.
2.  The Pros and Cons of each format.
3. Details you must be include in your Campaign Plan.
4. Campaign Buying.

Tuesday 10/8/21(5 Hours)[COMPLETED].
A client reached out to us and would need our help. Details of clients email as are follows:

''Good day,

I will like to inquire about your advertising campaign for my luxury business and I will appreciate if this can start by the end of September 2021, for about 4-6 weeks, my business advertising budget is £50k, and we are looking at preferably locations around Elephant and Castle, Barking, Lewisham, and any other neighbourhood.

We need help getting our new business out there, brand recognition, and help re-vamping our website to make it look similar to

I will be available for a zoom meeting on Wednesday morning anytime from 9:30 - 10:30am to discuss more on my brief if someone may be available to discuss with me at this time.

Let me know the time you may be available to discus this further and how you can help my  business.

Kind regards
Luxury at your door''

1. List out all the questions you would like to ask the client during the initial Client Briefing Meeting for Wednesday the 11th Sept 2021.

Wednesday 11/8/21(7 Hours). [UNCOMPLETED].
A. Today, the team would have the ''Campaign Brief Clarification Meeting'' with the client to understand the clients brief (between 10:00am-10:30am).
B. After the Campaign Brief Meeting with the client, the team will discuss the next line of action and how to move forward.
1. Individually come up with your Campaign Plan on how we will be moving forward with this client.

Thursday 12/8/21(7 Hours).
A. Look closely at all campaign plans provided
B. Present the single Campaign Plan and allocate various sections to each team member.
1. Work on your allocated sections in anticipation of the up coming Campaign Plan Meeting to present the Campaign Plan Proposal to the client.
2. Copy and paste the completed Campaign Plan Link into your web browser
( )

Friday 13/8/21(3 Hour).
A. The ''test-run'' on each allocated section will be discussed.
B. Present the Campaign Plan Proposal to the client (TBC).
C. Round-up of session with all trainees.

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