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When it comes to TV advertising, we have various options for all budget ranges. With hundreds of commercial channels, regions and executions to choose from, we build cost effective campaigns to suit your needs - be it a large national advertiser across 300+ channels, a regional campaign, or a challenger brand on smaller channels.

TV delivers by far, the largest reach of all media. In the UK, we spend on average almost 4 hours per day watching TV, with an additional 30 minutes on other devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones. Not only that, commercial TV reaches 71.4% of the population in one day, 92.8% in a week, and 98.2% in a month.

No other medium can build scale as quickly as TV. The UK is also a nation of TV watchers, accounting for 48% of the average person’s chosen media day. Commercially, we watch 45 TV ads a day at normal speed (fast forwarded ads are not counted) – which is 7 more than ten years ago!

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