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My expectation for the entire program is to learn. I have a consistently growing interest in the media industry, wanting to learn the ins and outs of advertising from the ideas to the distribution so I can find where I not only fit but excel in the process of Advertising.

My understanding of the difference between Outdoor Advertising and Online Advertising is that Outdoor advertising is the more tradition way of advertising in a very material sense like Billboards, fliers, and Vehicle advertising all of which cost money to print and distribute. However Online advertising is a digital form of advertising that can be implemented anywhere that has internet connection like social media platforms, images, and videos to advertise products or services and it is cheaper to do it because brand/ product pages on most social media platforms are free or come at little cost to run and only need a few people to make sure they are constantly being updated to keep up with the intended audiences needs. From research I know that although it is easier to track traffic of people viewing the advertising online it is still possible with outdoor advertising just in a different way.


Types of Billboards, Formats and Sizes.

· Traditional Billboard

A traditional billboard is a printed and is a large outdoor advertising structure (a billing board), typically found in high-traffic areas such as alongside busy roads and cities on building structures. These come in a variety of sizes including 4 sheet which is 40x60 inches, 16 sheet which is 80x120 inches and 96 sheet which is 480x120 inches as a few examples. These sizes are to fit different types of billboards across different areas.

· Vinyl Billboards

A vinyl billboard includes two layers of UV-protected, water-resistant sections of vinyl with a rip-stop nylon scrim sandwiched between the vinyl to prevent tearing. One vinyl side is the actual ad, while the other is typically solid black.

· Mobile Billboards

Mobile billboards are out-of-home advertisements that move every which way because they're displayed on vehicles of any kind. For example, a digital billboard truck, is a vehicle used for advertising on the sides of a truck or trailer that is driven or cycled round an area.

· Three-dimensional Billboards

Three dimensional billboards are physically altered billboards. They are 3D billboards because they include bonus parts that stick out as objects springing from the actual ad. For example, some Car dealers have a Car on their billboards that are stick out like its driving on the billboard.

· Digital Billboards

Digital billboards are electronic image displays that show multiple static advertisements on a rotating basis. Larger outdoor billboards appear alongside roadways, while smaller indoor billboards appear in entertainment venues, such as cinemas and sports venues.


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